When used for reading, this patented device eliminates accommodation (close focusing), convergence, and stereopsis (3-D effect), thus allowing the eyes to be fully at rest even though they are used for close work.

This device is similar to the eyepiece of a binocular microscope. But instead of focusing it by rotating the lenses, the lenses are inserted in the grooves provided. Lenses must be chosen for each individual. Just like with reading glasses, the intention is that the viewed object will appear a little blurred when held at a comfortable distance.

Light entering through the front window is split into two parts by the beam-splitter, the largest piece of glass in the instrument. A beam-splitter is merely a piece of glass with a silvered coating on the front surface. Half of the light is reflected to the left where it is then reflected into the left eye. The other half passes through the beam-splitter and is reflected twice into the right eye.

Each eye sees the same thing from the same angle, so there is no 3-D effect as there usually is when viewing close objects. Each eye looks straight ahead, so there is no convergence. And the lenses allow the eyes to be focused for distance. This fulfills all the requirements for distance vision.

The Myopter eliminates one shortcoming of using reading glasses. Reading glasses can eliminate the need to focus close, but they do not eliminate convergence or 3-D effect. The Myopter provides a more relaxed situation than reading glasses can. Nevertheless, reading glasses are the first choice for most people.

Some people feel that the Myopter is a little bulky and odd-looking to use in public. For this reason, they use the Myopter at home and reading glasses at school.

A study using the Myopter was the first to prove that up to one diopter of myopia can be eliminated by relaxing the spasm of the eye's ciliary (focusing) muscle that is caused by prolonged close work. It is the ultimate in myopia prevention.

The model on display has +3 lenses. It would be suitable for someone who is just becoming myopic. If you wear corrective lenses, you can hold it over your glasses or contacts to get the same effect of reading with the eyes fully relaxed.

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There you will find instructions on choosing the proper lenses.